L&DLHS talks via Zoom - this is how we do things, which may be different to what you do elsewhere

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Click the link for the talk in the email we sent.

A Meeting Registration screen like this will appear.

Enter your name and email address

Then click the blue Register button     and go to Step 2 >>

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A Meeting Registration Approved screen like this will appear.

Go to Step 3

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Look in your email Inbox. You will find a Confirmation email like the one below. Not there even when you check again later? Is it in your Spam folder?
If it has still not arrived, start again being doubly careful to check you entered your email address correctly.

If you want you can use the links in this email to add the event to your Calendar.

Go to Step 4

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"Help, I can't find it!" is probably the most frequent difficulty people seem to have, especially if they leave things to the last minute. When you get the Confirmation email either print it and/or know where to find it. 

I'm a gmail user. I have set up a label Zoom confirms  so that these Confirmation emails are easy for me to find.

Go to Step 5  >>
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About 20 minutes before the talk find that Confirmation email and note the Passcode, in this case Lock39down (case matters).

In good time (having copied the Passcode if you know how to), in the Confirmation email click the link Click here to join and then enter (or paste in) the Passcode.

If all else fails quickly find our original email and re-register.
If that has been unsuccessful then
click to email me.

We hope that this page is helpful and welcome suggested improvements. You might like to print it for future reference or Bookmark it/make it a Favourite.

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