Talks via Surrey History Meetup and Zoom - some useful tips

1. Click the link for the talk in the email we sent or that you found on the Surrey History Meetup page you were looking at. 

2. You'll then see page like this - Click the red box Attend online

3. For the time being you can ignore invitations to Add the event to your Calendar - you can do that later.
For now you want to concentrate on getting the link that will admit you to the meeting 'on the day'.

On the right hand part of the screen under Online event (with the camera icon beside it) you now have a link to REGISTER with Zoom.

This is not the link for the meeting but a security stage on the way. This is for the protection of all taking part.
Click the link

4. You now have this Join the event box on your screen
Click Continue

5. Now you'll have a screen like this - this particular talk was put on by our friends at Dorking Local History Group.

If you are not a member of Surrey History Meetup you'll need to enter your name and email address

Now click the blue Register button

6. The screen will now show that your Registration has been approved

7. Look in your email Inbox

You will find a Confirmation email like this.
At about 7.15 on the evening of the event I will have found this email and noted the Passcode, in this case Lock22down (case matters). I will then click the link Click here to join and then enter (or paste in) the Passcode.

If you want you can use the links in this email to add the event to your Calendar.

I do recommend that:
We hope that this is helpful and welcome suggested improvements.

For the equivalent guidance on L&DLHS online talks please click here

page last updated 6 June 21 by Frank Haslam (click to email me)