What's New in our Miscellany pages?

last updated 15 Mar 22

What are the Miscellany pages?

This part of our Society's website allows us:
  • to directly update live projects such as Streets & Roads
  • to publicise on the internet what subjects members are working on, attracting those with similar interests
  • to keep documents that need to be accessible, such as our Membership Form, Privacy Policy etc in an easy to find place
  • to avoid having to go to our website service provider to make what we hope will be frequent updates

The purpose of this What's New page is to give a quick update on major changes in these pages, newest items first.

15 Mar 22 Paperwork page updated with links to documents relevant to 2022 AGM
23 Jan 22 Useful External Links: Leatherhead Parish Churchyard database and Find a Grave links for Ashtead, the Bookhams, Fetcham, Leatherhead and Randalls Park Cemy & Crem added
1 July 21 Minutes of 2021 AGM added to Paperwork page
17 Jun 21 Paperwork page updated with links to documents relevant to 2021 AGM
4 Jun 21 Zooming link added to Miscellany menu: to help those using our Zoom links or those of Surrey History Meet Up.
Useful External Links
page updated and added to
25 Mar 20 separate What's New? page created for STREETS & ROADS
11 Mar 20 Paperwork page updated with links to documents relevant to 2020 AGM: link added to page for past AGM documents
Jan-Feb 20 Considerable updating of the Streets & Roads pages, in particular with Alan Pooley's research notes on Fetcham
Addition of a Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds page enabling direct access to the PAS database for finds in our parishes and the wider area
22 Mar 19 An Historic England page on How to find out about your home's history added to Useful External Links page
20 Mar 19 Portable Antiquities Scheme and Surrey PAS Finds Officer links added to Useful External Links page
26 Jan 19 These Miscellany pages are set up by Frank Haslam.