Oxshott's War Memorials - Introduction

The purpose of this website is to change the names on Oxshott's war memorials from inscriptions to people.
Where possible this begins with the formal detail of when and where they died, the unit they were serving with and so on.

It is hoped that over time members of their family or those the families of those who knew them may come forward with information and photos about the life behind the name. There may also be information from the local newspapers or church or club magazines of the time. Where the person is buried or commemorated elsewhere, perhaps someone will provide good quality images of the headstone.

The Parish Church of St Andrew's, Oxshott contains a pillar War Memorial in the form of a tryptich.

The left panel lists the 1914-1918 dead; the central panel shows the dedication and lists the 1939-45 Canadian Forces dead among those who were camped on Oxshott Heath; the right hand panel lists the 1939-45 dead.

The Village War Memorial is on Oxshott Heath, an area of heath and woodland protected by act of Parliament since 1904.