Little Bookham, Surrey War Memorials
What's New?, contact information and finding All Saints'

last updated 14 Mar 18

Contact information & finding this memorial

This project is a team effort.
Roy Reece is the local facilitator.
Ian Whitlock of Leatherhead provides input from Soldiers Died in the Great War (SDGW).
Frank Haslam edits this page on behalf of the Leatherhead & District Local History Society.

If you can provide information on any of the casualties named on the website,
please contact
Frank specifying Little Bookham WM in the subject line.
Frank will forward to the rest of the team.

For information about similar pages on war memorials in this area please see the Local War Memorials link.

Map link for All Saints, Manor Lane, Little Bookham, Surrey, KT23 4EL

What's New?

14 Mar 18 Surrey Mirror reference to death of GCB Willock-Pollen in their 1915 Roll of Honour, Friday 31 Dec 1915

10 Feb 18 Images of Helme memorials in the church and the results of further research on him are added. The Pender grave in the churchyard is of the parents of a WW1 name on the Great Bookham War Memorials.

11 Nov 17 CWGC links updated

9 Jun 10 Parish website link added

24 Feb 09 War Grave: Links added to Capt Helme's remembrance on the Worthing and MCC members war memorials.

22 Feb 09 Another visit to All Saints and thanks to churchwarden Jenny Peers, access to the church: images added of the Guy Willock memorial (kia 25 September 1915: not listed on the All Saints' war memorial) and memorials to the Helme family, making a Little Bookham connection to Capt Helme's war grave.

17 Feb 09 Image of Capt Helme's war grave at All Saints added

15 Feb 09 War grave page added: images of war memorial and inscriptions added
15 Feb 09 Link to Great Bookham War Memorials website added
15 Feb 09 Link to Francis Frith Collection photo of Little Bookham Church & War Memorial 1922 added to All Saints WM page

11/12 Feb 09 Some more matching of names to CWGC is done, thanks to additional information from SDGW via Ian Whitlock. More information is needed on William Jackson.

9 Feb 09 Roy Reece provides the names from the 1914-18 War Memorial at All Saints, Little Bookham and this site is launched