Fetcham, Surrey War Memorials
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This website is a joint effort. Frank Haslam edits this website on behalf of the Leatherhead & District Local History Society.

Fetcham U3A have a Local History Group. One of their interests is the Fetcham War Memorials and member Janice Steele has been working on the WWI names on Fetcham's Cross of Remembrance. She published the booklet shown on the right privately in February 2009 and has kindly shared findings with this website. It is hoped that this will generate additional information. The WWII names are a project in hand.

The editor is also grateful for the assistance of Rev Paul Boughton and Mr Marr of St Mary's, Fetcham.

If you can provide information on any of the casualties named on the website,
or would like to request a copy of Cross of Remembrance, Fetcham Surrey
please contact
Frank specifying Fetcham WM in the subject line.
All information will be shared with Janice Steele.

For information about similar pages on war memorials in this area please see the Local War Memorials link.

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St Mary's Fetcham - 'A' marker
Fetcham War Memorial - 'A' marker

What's New?

24 Aug 20 WWII Charles Kirkham's story is added - he is also on the Leatherhead War Memorial

16 Jul 20 WWII Colin Race's story is added - he is also on the Leatherhead War Memorial

11 Nov 17 CWGC links updated

6 Apr 12 WWII Janice Steele provides information on Fetcham connections for Francis Aver, Arthur Richard Gravett, Anthony Keeler, John Morwood and James West

25 Oct 11 WWII Helen Barker provides confirmation of the Fetcham connections of Arthur Richard Gravett, her grandmothers brother.

12 Apr 10 WWII Janice Steele provides information, some from his niece, to give some clues to the background of Edgar Jones

10 Apr 10 WWII Janice Steele establishes the Fetcham connection for Arthur Bowhill, who though buried at St Mary's is not on the WWII Roll.
10 Apr 10 WWI Janice Steele provides information establishing a Fetcham story for Alfred Medd
10 Apr 10 WWI Janice Steele adds a few more details to the Caldwell story

15 Mar 10 WWII Tom Edwards now has the history of his father Francis Edwards' unit and believes the reference to Sicily in the Book of Remembrance is incorrect.

17 Mar 09 WWII Tom Edwards adds a photo of his father Francis Edwards's headstone in Enfidaville Cemetery

15 Mar 09 WWII Tom Edwards provides some information to enable a page to be added on his father Francis Edwards

9 Mar 09 WWI A fitting return to the Gavin Caldwell story, from Lyn Rozier's account in the Fetcham U3A Newsletter.

8 Mar 09 WWI Cpl E Worsfold, is noted to be on the Cross of Remembrance and in the Book of Remembrance (Coldstream Guards) but, for as yet unknown reasons, not on the WWI plaque in St Mary's. It is believed that the best match is with L/Cpl Fred Worsfold, Coldstream Guards, who worked at Fetcham Park and whose parents were at Woodland Park Farm, Leatherhead.
8 Mar 09 WWI The 'Gnr Thomas.' inscription on the Cross of Remembrance is a puzzle. Gnr T Ernest Belton is on the WWI plaque in St Mary's. Thomas Ernest Belton (no rank) is on the Cross. Was there some confusion when the names were inscribed? [updated 10 Mar]
8 Mar 09 Fetcham's Book of Remembrance kept at St Mary's has been photographed by Janice Steele and several pages are shown.

7 Mar 09 WWI Cross of Remembrance information added for WWI names enabling more Fetcham connections, though more detail about lives would be welcome in several cases.

6 Mar 09 WWI Cross of Remembrance findings enable a story page to be added for Gavin Caldwell
6 Mar 09 Cross - Janice Steele points out that Gnr Thomas's name is on the Cross but not on the WWI plaque in the church.
6 Mar 09 WWII F Edwards, Anthony Keeler, JC Tribe and J West all matched to CWGC, from date evidence in the Fetcham Men who Fell in the Second Great War 1939-1945: Lyn Rozier's 1901 Census research establishes a Gravett connection to Fetcham. Information is added on the loss of Keeler's ship, SS Calchas
6 Mar 09 WWI Cross of Remembrance and U3A information added to this page.

28 Feb 09 Map links added
28 Feb 09 WWI Albert Diment - is on both Gt Bookham and Fetcham War Memorials: he was born and resident in Fetcham
28 Feb 09 All WWI Other Ranks are checked against SDGW

13 Feb 09 Rank is added, as is the cemetery location for those who may wish to visit on their travels.

9 Feb 09 Unit detail added: JE Aldridge age corrected.

8 Feb 09 Ages added

6 Feb 09 Information added from Soldiers Died in the Great War, thanks to Ian Whitlock

1 Feb 2009 site created by Frank Haslam on behalf of the Leatherhead & District Local History Society