Effingham War Memorials - St Lawrence Effingham
Those who served 1914-1918

Below the WWII Plaque in St Lawrence's is framed list of those who served 1914-1918. The names below are transcribed from an image of it which is not good enough to show on this page - one will be added when available. There may be transcription errors. Awards and Killed or Died on Active Service to be added.


G Abdy
J Adams
E Armstrong
S Armstrong
E Barnet
F Barnet
F Bartlett
N Bayley
M Bessell
J Botterell
G Budd
H Bullen
F Burchell
W Burton
J Byles
C Calburn
F Calburn
C Carr
F Clark
J Cox
L Cox
A Day
W Dearling
E Dench
C Eames
F Edwards
E Ellwood
G Francis
J Godfrey
C Graham
C Harvey
P Haines
F Himus
W Izant
W Johns
F Kemp
E Killick
M King
H Longley
J Longhurst
H Marchant
E Maskell
F Maunders
C McLean
F Montgomerie
J Moore
H Morse
J Ottaway
W Ottaway
A Potten
C Patten
H Payne
S Pearce
E Penfold
A Poland
J Pollard
E Ranger
W Reeves
A Richards
E Richards
S Richardson
J Richer
S Richer
E Rickson
R Roberts
W Scarfe
A Smith
E Smith
F Smith
W Smith
G Smithers
P Smithers
W Snashfield
E Taylor
A Thomson
G Thomson
D Thorndale
G Tyrel
C Tyrrell
R Vigars
C Walkley
W Warner
S Watkins
A Wells
E Wells
R Wells
R Wells
R Wells
W Wells
E West
H Whittaker
H Whittaker
B Whittington
D Whittington
J Whittington
W Whittington
A Woods
H Woods
B Yates
A Kemp

If you can provide information about any of the names on this list or how it came to be compiled and created, please contact the editor
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