Great Bookham, Surrey War Memorials - What's New?
contact information & finding the memorials

NB - there is a separate site for Little Bookham War Memorials
page last updated 6 Feb 2018

Contact information & finding St Nicolas' Church

This project is a team effort.

The main local facilitator is Mrs Angela Stevens, Craig, Eastwick Rd, Bookham, Leatherhead, KT23 4BJ.
Frank Haslam
edits this page on behalf of the Leatherhead & District Local History Society and has been assisted in particular by fellow member Bill Whitman.

If you can provide information on any of the casualties named on the website,
please contact
Frank specifying Great Bookham WM in the subject line.

For information about similar pages on war memorials in this area please use the Local War Memorials link.

Map link - St Nicolas Church, Lower Road, Gt Bookham - 'A' flag

What's New?

Feb 2018
Again thanks to Bill Whitman, information on the creation of the Memorial Cross is added to that page: work begins on adding background information to the WW1 names.

Jan 2018
Thanks to Bill Whitman, corrections to two names transcribed from WW1 Memorial plaque.

November 2017
CWGC links updated

November 2011
21 Nov 11 Goff Powell provides an image of an early 1920s postcard of the War Memorial Cross

April 2009
24 Apr 09 WWI - some indications that Harry Millard may also be on the Ashtead memorials.

March 2009

15 Mar 09 Graves - Bill Whitman establishes that the Wilfred Guy commemorated in the churchyard is in fact Flt Lt Wilfred Guy Baldwin. He has been matched to CWGC.

12 Mar Graves - Photos of most of the headstones commemorating those who died as a result of service but are not buried at St Nicolas are added, provided by Bill Whitman. Some more matches are made to the CWGC database for these. A page on the John Burton Memorial Window in St Nicolas is added - see Cross page.

10 Mar 09 WWII Information and link added on HMS Nabob, in which Gordon Stephens died: DF Touch corrected to DP Touch but no Touch can be found on CWGC ... however there is a DP Tough ??

4 Mar 09 Bill Whitman provides a list of names from headstones in the churchyard which imply death arising from war service, though not necessarily interred at St Nicolas - see War Graves page [6 Mar 09 the WWI names among these checked on SDGW, but no further forward]

3 Mar 09 WWII Bill Whitman's transcriptions from St Nicolas's Burial Register have helped to match R Ranger in the CWGC records: he has also added more on the two civilians recorded by CWGC, John Simms and Wilfred Winfield

2 Mar 09 WWII John Cunningham's story is added by Frank Haslam
2 Mar 09 Graves - Bill Whitman provides images of the John Cunningham and Stanley Gough war graves at St Nicolas

February 2009
28 Feb 09 WWI Ernest Tomsett is linked on CWGC but more is needed about his residence in Great Bookham
28 Feb 09 WWI Alfred Smith is linked on CWGC but more is needed about his family & residence in Great Bookham
28 Feb 09 WWI Charles Ranger is linked on CWGC but more is needed about his residence in Great Bookham
28 Feb 09 WWI Francis Handley is linked on CWGC but more is needed about his connection to Great Bookham: he was born in Leatherhead.
28 Feb 09 WWI Albert Diment - is on both Gt Bookham and Fetcham War Memorials: he was born and resident in Fetcham
28 Feb 09 All WWI Other Ranks checked against SDGW, resulting in the above
28 Feb 09 This site is linked on the War Memorials page of L&D LHS

22 Feb 09 WWII page - civilian casualties from Gt Bookham are added from CWGC records.

16 Feb 09 WWII Wg Cdr Kleboe's story added by Frank Haslam

15 Feb 09 War graves at St Nicolas: headstone images added for Oswald Crepin, Ernest Dealing, Charles Moore.
15 Feb 09 WWI CWGC matching done where presently possible. In many cases more information is need to enable matching.
15 Feb 09 Link to Bookham Residents' page on efforts to restore the War Memorial Cross in St Nicolas' churchyard added to Introduction page
15 Feb 09 Map link added to this page
15 Feb 09 St Nicolas, Great Bookham website link added to site menu

14 Feb 09 Basic pages of website in place: WWII CWGC matching done where presently possible. In some cases more information is need to enable matching.

13 Feb 09 Photos taken of War Memorial Cross and war memorial plaques in St Nicolas' Bookham