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Contact information

This project on the Mickleham War Memorials is a team effort.
We are grateful to Ian Whitlock of Leatherhead and members of the Great War Forum.

Frank Haslam edits this page on behalf of the Leatherhead & District Local History Society and the Parish of Mickleham: he also edits their parish website in the United Benefice of Leatherhead and Mickleham.

If you can provide us with information on any of the casualties named on this website,
please contact
Frank Haslam who will forward to the team.
In your messages please specify Mickleham WM in the subject line.

For information about similar pages on war memorials in this area please see the Local War Memorials link.

Map link: St Michael's Mickleham - 'A' marker

What's New?

31 Mar 14: Carole Brough Fuller searches records at Dorking Cemetery but is unable to locate William Kirby.

12 Mar 14: more information added on William Kirby.

28 Feb 14: Churchyard: Brian Bouchard of Ashtead provides information on Walter Douglas Cullen's wartime service. He was forced down and captured on 12th August 1917 in an action with Jasta 37 commanded by Ernst Udet.
28 Feb 14: Westhumble bomb death (see War Grave & Remembrances page): Judy Kinloch provides the clue from a Ronnie Shepperd article to enable identification of the casualty as William Kirby, aged 54.

24 Feb 14 Churchyard: via Ancestry.co.uk some more details have been added on Walter Douglas Cullen, ex-RFC who died in 1920 and is commemorated on the family grave.

6 Feb 14 Site restyled and links updated

21 Nov 11 WWI: Rod Weale* finds a 1901 Census link to Mickleham for Cpl Fred Field's family.
21 Nov 11 WWII: Rod also finds Donald Guy Pearce on CWGC but the connection to Mickleham is still missing.
* Rod's family are from Bookham on his Dad’s side and his grandfather was the owner of the Dorking and Leatherhead School of Motoring, Eric Fox.

13Nov 11 WWII: Maura Hazelden spots that Dennis Barber is a great-uncle.

9-12 Nov 11 WWI: Lesley Wood adds some information about her grandfather Percy Bodman who is named on the War Memorial but so far has not been traced in the CWGC records. A story page has been started for him.
9 Nov 11 WWII: Brimley Marcus Williams - of him there is no trace on WWII CWGC. However, CWGC do have a Marcus Brindley Williams but he as yet has no apparent connection to Mickleham.

28 Feb 09 Map link refined

18 Feb 09 The Spences think that the Cullen family (see 17 Feb) were involved the the grocery shops of that name.
18 Feb 09 Map link added to this page

17 Feb 09 images of Peter Odhams' war grave headstone and some other headstones remembering family members who were killed or served - Neil and Oliver Selby from WWII and Walter Cullen from WWI: added by Frank Haslam, assisted by Stan Spence

13 Feb 09 images of church and the memorial added by Frank Haslam; separate pages introduce for war grave, WWI, WWII

11 Feb 09 via Ian Whitlock, more information on a Percy Bodman.
11 Feb 09 Rank and cemetery locations added.

9 Feb 09 via Dennis Burke, a little more information on Flt Lt Phipps but still no connection with Mickleham.
9 Feb 09 via Ian Whitlock, information on a Percy Bodman - this one was possibly never added to the War Graves records, or to Soldiers Died in the Great War
9 Feb 09 Photo of Peter Odhams added to his story page, via Michael Angold

8 Feb 09 Evidence from AIF Project on William Edgington and via Paul Goodwin from the 1901 Census confirm Mickleham connections of William and his brother Henry aka Harry.
8 Feb 09 Ages added.

6 Feb 09 Information added from Soldiers Died in the Great War, thanks to Ian Whitlock